Our HSSE Commitment & Policy

It is the policy of Pakistan LNG Limited that in all its activities there is a commitment to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and any third parties and to carry out its operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

This will be achieved through the following principles and objectives:

Principles and Objectives:
• Regular examination of our operations to identify risks and apply effective loss control management systems to minimise injury, occupational health hazards, property damage and environmental harm.
• Ensure that operations comply with mandatory rules and regulations and that applicable codes, guidelines and the highest industry standards are taken into account when formulating procedures. Take a proactive approach to any new or impending legislation that is identified and that is pertinent to the environment aspects of the company’s activities.
• Employ suitably competent and qualified personnel who are capable of conducting operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
• Provide suitable training for personnel to enable them to effectively utilise operational procedures.
• Monitor the safety and environmental aspects of all operations and conduct investigations of shipboard incidents and near incidents.
• Formulate corrective and preventive actions, from incident investigation and audit reports, to improve safety and environmental management skills on-board ship and in the office.
• Maintain contingency plans to be used in the case of all identified emergency situations.
• Manage Health, Safety and its Environmental responsibilities systematically through a documented HSE Management System which ensures continuous improvements in its HSE performance.
• Comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and agreements it has entered into.
• Set and measure targets for improvement and appraise and report performance.
• Require contractors to manage HSE in line with this policy.
• Include HSE performance in the appraisal of all staff and reward accordingly.
• Report its HSE Performance annually.
• Use its influence to promote this policy with whom it does business.

The 12 Life Saving Rules:
The Life Saving Rules set out simple and clear "dos" and "don'ts" covering activities with the highest potential safety risk. These rules are created from industry lessons and have been put in place to ensure consistent behaviours are followed to prevent the kind of incidents that could result in a serious injury or a fatality. Implementation of these rules is part of Pakistan LNG's commitment for continuous improvement in HSE and has a tangible contribution to strengthening our safety culture. The Life Saving Rules Consequence Management affirms Pakistan LNG's commitment to a safety first culture.

Summary of Rules