"Leading the way with LNG"

"With a strong focus on operational excellence and a commitment to helping local economies thrive, Pakistan LNG Limited is positioned to be a leader in bringing reliable Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to the market."

Leading the way with LNG

“LNG is the Future”

The 2015-16 period has been pivotal for Pakistan to implement its plan to solve the energy crisis and take economic growth onto a different trajectory.

Pakistan is a gas-based society with the ability to absorb gas, via its vast existing downstream infrastructure (over 120,000 km of pipelines, etc.), like very few countries. With the depletion of local sources, all sectors of the economy including power, industry and fertilizer were adversely affected resulting in sub-par economic growth, low employment generation and a generally weak business environment.

With the heavy investment into LNG infrastructure (pipelines, terminals, power plants, etc.) and the very conducive global LNG environment for end users, Pakistan is on the road to solving its energy crisis. Pakistan LNG has embarked upon a path to play its role in this critical delivery chain.

M. Adnan Gilani

Updated: December 05, 2016

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